Our screen products are applied with optical aluminum coating technology we developed in-house.
The fine aluminum particles coated on the screen surface bring out the maximum potential of your projector by offering exceptional contrast and depth to every frame.

Step 1: Wear the disposable gloves for safety and remove the dirt from the wall where the screen will be installed

Step 2: Use the masking tape to mark where you want to install the screen.

Step 3: Apply the enclosed bubble levels to the adhesive side of the screen and level the screen.

Step 4: Apply the screen to the wall while pressing out air bubbles with the roller.

Please refer to the product manual for details.

It may differ depending on the condition of your walls.
However our Adhesive Screen Surfaces have been extensively tested, and under normal wall conditions and careful removal, they are unlikely to damage the wall surface.

Our Adhesive Screen Surfaces are reusable to a certain extent, but the adhesive on the screen may weaken when it is removed.
Please clean off any dirt or grime from the intended area before reusing the product.

Step 1: Cut the edges of the plastic packaging and spread it out to prevent dust on the floor from sticking to the screen.

Step 2: Remove all the masking tapes attached to the screen and wear plastic gloves.

Step 3: Peel off the protective film on the back of the screen surface and apply it to the panel.

Step 4: When the attachment is completed, hang the panel onto the wall.

Please refer to the product manual for details.

It may affect the image on the screen. We offer one free exchange of the same Screen Surface model during the 1 year warranty period.

Black: Maximizes contrast ratio with our latest optical technology, providing optimized image quality for viewing movies with rich, deep blacks and outstanding shadow detail.

Silver: In use by major movie theater chains globally, boasts clear and brilliant picture quality for a wide variety of applications, including movies, games, sports, and even 3D projections.

Pearl GrayOptimized for presentation use in education and business environments, featuring sharp text and vivid colors with wide viewing angles.

Please refer to the below precautions.

- Do not place the product under direct sunlight, near heating devices or in a hot, humid place.

- If dust is on the surface of the screen, wipe gently with a soft brush.

- Do not rub on the screen surface strongly as scratches may occur.

- Be careful while applying or removing the screen surface as it may get wrinkled or creased.

- Do not touch the screen with sharp objects.

- Do not use any type of chemicals or oil-based solutions on the screen surface.

- Use gloves when handling the product.

- Do not disassemble the product unless you are a qualified installer.

- Bloomsbury Lab will not be responsible for safety accidents that occur due to the negligence of the customer.